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Creative Problem Solving

Helping you make better decisions when it comes to your business. 

Sometimes on a project you feel like something is missing. Either you don't know where to start, and you need some inspiration. Or you need a strategy to get things feeling a little clearer. You might even be crystal clear on the end goal, but don't have the evidence or expertise in the team to help you reach it.


That's where we come in...  

What can we help with?

You are great at what you do. We are great at looking at things from an outside perspective. Bringing a combination of Service Design and Design Thinking tools, paired with 10 years of cross industry experience to help you feel more confident.

Customer Insight

Creating research plans, undertaking research and consolidating the findings into useful and insightful evidence makes for the best possible project foundation.

Product Strategy

Zooming out to consider all implicating factors, finding a middle ground between the market, customer need and internal capability to hit that sweet spot for innovation. 

Workshop Facilitation

Aligning teams and creating clear and inspiring environments for the right communication to happen. Sharing knowledge and allowing the teams best work to happen. 

Meet Shauna...

A conscientious problem solver. I am empathetic and creative with an invaluable passion for unearthing the ‘why’, when there is a decision to be made, or the opportunity for innovation.

My curiosity for people and their motivations means I am a strong advocate for the humans behind the process. Aligning user needs with market understanding, and internal strategy, empowers me to create clear direction through complex decision making.

With 10 years of strategic design experience across a range of industries, I thrive in taking the hypothetical or overwhelming and making it clear, evidence-based, and insightfully tangible.

"Shauna supported our work analysing potential benefits of a new membership structure at a key stage in its development. She is skilled at distilling big concepts down into actionable ideas in a short space of time, whilst staying flexible and mindful of your working style and sector. After working with Shauna, I felt so clear and positive about our next steps. I highly recommend Shauna to anyone needing a trustworthy guide to help wrangle tricky or overwhelming data."

Georgia Lomax Thorpe

Membership & Engagement Coordinator - Healthy Minds


Shauna Carysforth,


Halifax (Happy Valley)

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