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What can we offer...

User Research & Customer Insight

Having been head of insight at multiple businesses, here we understand the importance of the accuracy and clarity of your target audience awareness. Be it creating research plans, going out and interviewing customers or searching for meaning in what you have collected. We thrive on helping you analyse the evidence you need for your future decision making.

Workshop Facilitation & Presentations

Sometimes an outside perspective is

needed to help a group come together and collaborate to the best of their ability. Creating this atmosphere for a board meeting or to gather imperative information from a key group of stakeholders for a big project we take that unique need and provide the most valuable templates, agenda and support for that session.

Product Strategy & Innovation

Stretching the possibilities of what has been done before in a business, and exploring the potential of new markets and the opportunity space for customer value. We’ve done this for multiple businesses to find the sweet spot between market need, customer problem and internal capability.

Project & Stakeholder Management

Every project requires continuity and great communication to succeed. Having worked early on in project management we know an aligned team and a well managed project is pivotal to success, making it a must in any project we undertake.

Our Approach

Design Thinking

Grounded in the practice of Design Thinking, our iterative process is centred around whatever humans/users will benefit from the output keeping their needs front and centre. Using specific techniques and templates or just using the principles to guide the work we do, Design Thinking will always be the foundation of the way we work.

Service Design

With a number of service design projects under our belt for the likes of Adidas, Brother and Deutsche Bank we can utilise a range of principles to get the most out of a project from customer journey mapping and blueprints to user personas.

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